How your cat can see a vet during COVID-19 lockdown πŸ‘©β€βš•οΈπŸ₯

Over the last few months, it seems like society has been shutting down as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. This unfortunately includes access to veterinary care for your kitty. Many cat clinics and hospitals across Canada have reduced their hours or limited visits to only emergency cases, in order to reduce the risk of transmission to staff and clients. Understandably, concerned pet parents are asking what they can do to ensure their pets remain happy and healthy without easy access to a veterinarian.

1. Keep yourself healthy

‍The best thing you can do to keep your cat healthy is by being healthy yourself. That way you can ensure that your cat is receiving the best care at home. Practice social distancing and good hygiene to avoid infection. Continue to provide your cat with adequate exercise and a healthy diet, which will go a long way in maintaining their overall health.

‍2. Refills on prescriptions‍

Some cats with chronic diseases will require continual refills on their prescriptions. To acquire a refill on medication, call ahead and request a prescription refill. Your clinic’s vet tech can organize payment and pick up so there will be little interaction and you can avoid spending time in the waiting room.

For clients with animals that have minor, acute health problems like an ear or eye infection, the same process may be applicable. Call your veterinarian and they may be able to prescribe antibiotics over the phone if you have an existing relationship with them.

3. Telemedicine and virtual vet appointments‍

If your pet has a non-emergent health problem or you have a general health question, a telemedicine service is a great resource to utilize. The ease of being able communicate with video from your phone makes it easy to provide care online. Our friends at KaboHealth can connect you with an accredited veterinary practice in your province over the phone or via video chat. This service can help keep you safe at home, but also helps clinics focus on emergency cases and lowers the risk to your veterinarian.

On top of general inquiries and prescription refills, below are a list of potential health problems that a telemedicine veterinarian may be able to help with:

β€’ Allergies
β€’ Dermatitis
β€’ Lacerations/skin abrasions
β€’ Obesity
β€’ Bites/bee stings
β€’ Muscle and joint pain
β€’ Dehydration
β€’ Vomiting
β€’ Diarrhea
β€’ Hot spots
β€’ Ticks/lice/worms
β€’ Dental pain
β€’ Anxiety/OCD
β€’ Abscesses
β€’ Imbedded splinter/fox tail
β€’ Ingrown nails
β€’ Poisoning
β€’ Urinary distress
β€’ And more!
Stay happy and healthy everyone!

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